Come join us

Monday Prayer meeting by 6pm

Wednesday bible study by 5:30pm

Sunday School


“Train up a Child in the way he should go; and when he is old, he will not depart from it” (prov 22:6).
With this scriptural admonition, we gather children of our neighbour-hood and train them by teaching them the Word of God, aiming at their being won to Christ in their early age.

  • We open 3pm every Sunday and finish at 4pm.
  • We have about 300 Children in our role.
  • We have 25 workers in this section which includes teachers, Drivers, collectors and minders

During classes the children are grouped according to their ages:

  • 1-3years forms the toddlers and beginners class
  • 4-5 years forms Junior class
  • 6-7 years and 8-9 years forms intermediate class
    10-11 years and 12-13 years forms the senior class
  • 14-15 years the bible class, and
  • 16 years and above the doctrine class.

We have catechism classes on Sunday mornings from 9-9:45am.

A visit will convince you. 

Morning School of Theology


This Morning School started in 2002 to fill in the gap between our Church morning worship service at 10am. It is a time we spend to teach our members specific doctrines. It is like a doctrinal class designed to educate our people more of Biblical Doctrines of Grace. It was started to answer the request of many think that 10am is too far from the morning worship service of the church in which they cannot remain at home such long.

As a result we have walked through the 1689 Baptist Confession of faith systematically. Other booklets of important doctrinal teachings have been handled by our able teachers.
We begin at 9am and spend the 1st 15 mins for prayers. The teaching continues until 9:45am, then the summary and completion at 9:50am. By these classes we have our people grow into Christian maturity. They ask questions on areas of their misunderstanding. Moreover, the Doctrines of Grace has been well understood through this medium.

At the same time the morning school is held we have catechism classes for our children. The catechism of C.H. Spurgeon and the Shouter catechism are used with some Bible stories.

Pastors' Fellowship

The Reformed Pastors’ fellowship started in the year 2001. It is inter-denominational fellowship of all evangelical pastors and all who wish to be reformed in thinking. By reformed, we mean those who hold the doctrines of grace. They have a high view of the bible as the sole authority of a believer and as the inspired word of God free from errors (inerrancy) and cannot lie and do not make mistake or deceive or lead astray(infallible);as a rule (canon) for life and practice, and sole supremacy and sovereign rule of God over all things, situation(providence, predestination, sovereignty) and all to the Glory of God alone through Jesus Christ alone. All of Grace!

The aim of the Reformed Pastors’ fellowship is to help pastors be biblical, God-centered and be more  expose to scriptures. To exalt the grace of God in salvation and humble the pride of men. Also, it aims at providing materials and re-engineering the wrong Christian worldview of self-salvation or salvation by works expanded by so many Christian bodies, to a non-meritorious, salvation obtained for us by the Lord Jesus Christ through his sacrificial, representative, substitutionary atonement(vicarious sacrifice) on the cross of Calvary.

The Reformed pastors’ fellowship was pioneered by our dear Reverend gentleman, Rev. (Dr) Aniekan Robert Ekpo and Sam Allison of OPC America with few pastors at the foundational stage. The fellowship meets every 2nd Thursday of every month to fellowship together with one another for prayers, teachings and refreshment. The bible made it clear that “Iron sharpeneth Iron”.