Our School

Reformed Missionary School

MOTTO: All thy Children shall be taught of the LORD (Isa 54:13)

We see Children as God’s gifts (Psalm 127:3) and aim at the development and the teaching of the (Prov 22:6), Our aims in education are to complement the role of the family and the child and reflect what we believe as God’s priorities in our Children.

Are taught with the view that the child grow up to be a
witness to the nation.

Consist essentially in developing, discipline and redirecting to the highest degree, and to the noblest purpose a child’s natural capacities.

We Offer Admission into:

Nursery 1-3.
Universal basic education(UBE) 1-6.


Reformed Seminary

The seminary aims as steering the min, heart and leading to effective, authoritative spiritual ministries. I also believe that mental and spiritual abilities are needed with formal qualifications.
I am pleased to recommend theological training as an excellent choice for anyone who is seeking training for ministry to academically competent, doctrinally sound, pastorally wise and biblically centred.

Brief History of the Seminary

The seminary was founded in 2007 by Rev. Dr Aniekan R. Ekpo.

VISION: The seminary was born out of Dr. Ani`s passion for souls; The bringing back the lost glory the pastoral ministry; The training of pastors in Nigeria (South South, South West, South East) for biblical theological, Christ- centred holistic ministry of international standards.

ACHIEVEMENTS: Since its inception 2007 till date the seminary has recorded over 100 pastor/bible teacher, that have received training from the institution and more than 40 students are still undergoing training in various levels:
Certificate, Diploma and degree.
Faculties: The seminary runs three faculties and six departments as follows:-

          (i)Biblical Theology
          (ii)Pastoral Theology
          (i)Christian Education
          (ii)Church Administration, Management & Manpower development.
          (i)Missions and Evangelism
          (ii)Guidance & counselling.

Aims of the Seminary

“The things that thou has heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also(2 Timothy 2:2)”.
The aims of the seminary is primarily

  1. To train competent pastors who are sound theological, doctrinally and exegetically.
  2. To train church workers.
  3. Training and Retraining of pastors by equipping them with necessary theological and Christian materials.
  4. To give encouragement to those called for missions.

Academic Programmes

The school runs a two-year Diploma in theology/pastoral studies and a two-year degree programme in theology. Meanwhile, we are planning for one-year certificate course for those without prerequisite qualifications, and a one-year higher diploma for those from other Bible colleges who cannot meet up with our BA/BTh Qualifications.

CANDIDATES: Pastors, lay preachers, church officers, and serious aspirants for Christian service are invited and urge all who have a real burden on their hearts to minister the Gospel to apply. Our pastors need training because they bear great responsibility for the health of their churches, and need to be aware of the issue affecting the churches today.

REGISTRATION: Every applicant for admission to the Seminary is asked to complete an application form furnishing details of his Christian Service history and educational background, along with an account of his conversion and a letter of commendation from his Church, Minister, Mentor or Sponsor. An interview with the faculty will also be arranged.


  • Homiletic
  • systematic Theology
  • Church History
  •  Old Testament (Biblical) Hebrew
  • New Testament Greek
  • Misssiology (Missions & Evangelism)
  • Old Testament Survey
  • New Testament Survey
  • Bible Exposition ( O.T.N.T)
  •  Church Administration
  • Hymn and Worship (Music)
  • Hermeneutics
  • Reformed Theology
  • Christian Leadership
  • Ministerial Ethics
  • Christian Ethics
  • Geography of Bible lands (biblical Geography)
  • African Traditional Religion (ATR)
  • Cults and World Religions
  • Pastoral Theology
  • Sunday School Organization
  • Research Methodology
  •  English Language/Communication Skills
  • Christian Counseling
  • Christian Ministry
  •  of Apostle
  • Romans
  • Computer
  • Accounting
  • Health Education
  • Study Methodology
  • Principles of (Christian) Education


  • English language/communication skill (process of communication)
  • systematic theology
  • Biblical theology
  • Hermeneutics
  • Typology
  • N.T.Greek
  • O.T Hebrew
  • Missiology & cultural anthropology
  • Journalism
  • Sociology
  • Research methodology
  • Church history
  • Christian leadership
  • Christian counselling (competent to counsel)
  • Manners & customs in the bible
  • Pastoral theology
  •  Preaching
  • Christian education
          * History of Education
          * Philosophy of Education
          * Sociology of Education
          * Curriculum studies
          * Education Technology

The seminary is affiliated to London Reformed Baptist Seminary (LRBS).
The students receive free/subsidized books and instructional material from our international affiliation in London (UK) & USA

The President/Rector's Profile

Rev. Dr. Aniekan R. Ekpo is an internationally recognized and acclaimed season minister of the gospel, a scholar and expository teacher of repute; with spurgeon evangelical spirit. A greet authority in biblical exposition. He is humane, spirit-filled visionary leader of our time.

He started his career as a young evangelist/pastor in Qua-iboe church (now united Evangelical Church). Trained in Samuel Bill Theological College, Abak from 1985-1986:1990-1992 where he obtained ordinary and Advance Diploma in Theological studies. Studied in United Kingdom 1996-1998 at the Reformed Baptist seminary (LRBS) London, where he obtained his first Degree in Theology.

Aniekan Ekpo also obtained an M.A in Theology and Christian Education Administration and Church Administration in 1999-2001 from Africa college of Christian Education/Seminary (an affiliate of Ahmadu bello university ZARIA) Port-Harcourt, River State. His passion for academic fulfilment inspired him to enrol and obtain his doctorate in Theology & Divinity from the same Institution in 2011.